The miracles of modern medicine have created the opportunity for most of us to live into our senior years. In fact, living a long life is a near certainty.  However, when an extended health care need arises, it is an emergency rather than a planned event. A Long Term Care insurance policy provides both financial support, care coordination and much needed emotional support for family members dealing with the emergency.

At LifeBrokers we provide Long Term Care Specialists who understand traditional long term Care insurance and the numerous options your clients have to plan for an extended health care event. We work with stand-alone Long Term Care insurance carriers and carriers that offer linked benefit products. Linked benefit products, also known as asset based or hybrids, combine life insurance or annuities with long term care riders. Our specialist can also help you with tax-advantaged funding strategies including using qualifed funds in an IRA.

LifeBrokers provides insurance agents and financial advisors with side-by-side competitive comparison proposals, help with underwriting pre-qualification, help with fact-finding, plus support before and after the sale.

Browse this website and you will find marketing materials, prospecting letters, agent-teaching guides, quote request forms and fact finders to help you simplify a complex transaction for your clients.

We look forward to working with you on an ever-changing long term care insurance marketplace.