NAIC Buyers Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance

This booklet is an excellent tutorial on the issues surrounding long-term care and funding options including long term care insurance. Published by the National Association of Insuance Commissioners (NAIC), it is required by most states that any consumer considering buying long-term care insurance be given this guide.

Kiplinger LTC Workbook

A comprehensive overview in one concise easy to read booklet. The booklet starts with a brief LTC refresher course, next it discusses the costs, including a table of all 50 states, then moves to who pays for care, the role of LTCI, when to buy, and wraps up with how to compare policies.

Most people significantly underestimate the cost of an extended health care need and overestimate the role of Medicare. Help educate your clients by utilizing the Kiplinger Workbook and online video. We truly believe you will see an increase in your sales.

pdf_icon The Kliplinger Workbook


Consumer Guide to LTCI

AHIP (America’s Health Insurance Plans) Consumer Guide to LTC Insurance provides overview of long term care in general and of what consumers should look for in an LTCI policy.

pdf_icon AHIP Consumer Guide to LTCI


Consumer Friendly Websites

This award-winning video from, sponsored by John Hancock, explains why individuals might want to include long-term care insurance in their retirement plans. Also links to different informational resources about planning for an extended health care need.

web_icon “Who Cares? Kiplinger’s No-Nonsense Look at Long-Term Care”

New consumer-friendly website through AHIP (America’s Health Insurance Plans), gives consumers basic information about long-term care insurance. Also includes videos that feature real-life stories from current policyholders, an interactive online quiz, and additional resources on long-term care insurance.

web_icon My Life. My Family.


Long-Term Care Awareness Month

LTC Awareness Month is a campaign designed to get Americans thinking about their future long-term care needs and how to protect their retirement, independence and family. Now is the ideal time to start reaching out to prospects and clients to discuss their planning for long term care expense and the benefits of LTC insurance.

LifeBrokers encourages you to use October and November to leverage the LTC Awareness campaign. Below are a few prospecting letters and the Producer’s Guides To Long-Term Care Awareness Month by AALTCI and Agent’s Sales Journal. Bothcan help you both educate your clients and increase your sales.

pdf_icon Producer’s Guide to LTC Awareness Month

Awareness Month Marketing Letters from AALTCI

word_icon Awareness Month Prospecting Letter

word_icon Awareness Month Prospecting Letter 2

Prospecting Letters from Carriers

word_icon Long-Term Care Planning, Prospecting Letter – AZ

word_icon Help Protect Your Future With Long-Term Care Insurance – Prospecting Letter

word_icon Kiplinger’s Prospecting Letter


Reprint Articles Made Available by John Hancock

Articles from various publications including The Wall Street Journal have become exceedingly popular for agents to use in prospecting and educating their current clients. A great article to use with younger clients is “When Alzheimer’s Hits at 40 – Early Onset Sufferers Juggle Children, Job and Dementia” by Shirley Wang. The article discusses the harsh reality of Alzheimer’s, which affects an estimated 5.2 million Americans and as many as 10% are diagnosed under the age of 65. Below are additional articles helpful in educating clients about the cost of an extended health care need, as well as, the emotional and financial impact on themselves and their famiies.

pdf_icon Reprint Article: Wall Street Journal, When Alzheimer’s Hits at 40

A reprint article that discusses what happens when Alzheimer symptoms begin at 40 years old.

pdf_icon Reprint Article: Make a Gift of Long-Term Care

The article encourages people to start planning in their 50’s for a long-term care event and takes on the most common objections to purchasing a policy.

pdf_icon Reprint Article: Smart Money, Take (Long-Term) Care

A reprint article that offers helpful information about when to buy, as well as, which benefits and elimination periods make the most sense for a budget-friendly policy.