The Annuity Market is constantly changing with new product introductions, changing product features and interest rates. It is important that you work with an experienced professional who is up-to-date with the latest rates, sales techniques, client brochures, forms, and overall product knowledge.

LifeBrokers works with the majority of top annuity companies in the industry.

A few of the many situations the Annuity Department works with are;

  • When Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities Are Better Then Bank CD’s
  • How To Fund Life Insurance Policies Using Annuities
  • How To Use Annuities For Estate Planning With Death Benefit Options. Especially When A Client Can’t Qualify For Life Insurance Or Life Insurance Doesn’t Work For Your Clients Needs.
  • Great Guaranteed Income Options Utilizing Income Riders Without Having To Annuitize Or Give Up Control Of Funds
  • Combination Products With Long Term Care And Nursing Home Protection
  • Annuities As Part Of Current And/Or Future Retirement Planning
  • Help With Competitive Scenarios, Advanced Planning, Moving 401k’s And Pensions And Much More.

If you are looking for a GA that offers great companies with Multi-Year Guaranteed annuities or Fixed Index annuities call LifeBrokers at 602-494-9500.