Maximizing The Life Settlement SpaceĀ 

Tuesday, April 2nd at 10 am PT
Thursday, April 4th at 1 pm PT

You are invited to a virtual event with LifeBrokers.

How Does Utilizing Life Settlements Impact Me or My Clients?

Nearly every day, a new study is released about the realities of our aging population and how seniors have not properly planned for retirement and/or medical expenses. From the growing Retirement Savings Gap to the Senior Health Care/Long Term Care funding crisis, Seniors should be aware of all their financial options and advisors should be prepared. A Life Settlement can often be the solution for them as they continue their golden years.

What Should I Expect To Learn?

  1. Capital Market Update.
  2. Current Pricing and Underwriting Standards.
  3. Regulatory and Legislative Support for the Life Settlement Industry.
  4. New Suitability and Best Interest Rules.
  5. Why Policy Valuations and Audits are vital to proper insurance planning.
  6. How a Longevity Study can help premium allocation concerns.
  7. How Simplified Underwriting is used for Pre-Pricing.


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