Life insurance is an essential planning tool that provides “options” when most needed in a business or individual’s financial plan.

LifeBrokers offers you access to the leading life Insurance carriers in the industry along with a wide range of products to solve almost any client’s need. These include term insurance options to permanent coverage that include whole life, universal life, index universal life and survivorship coverage.

At the life desk, an agent can expect expertise with their case design for both individuals and businesses.

We provide a state-of-the-art quote engine that is accessible 24/7 on-line. However, in many situations assessing a client’s health risk is critical to obtaining an accurate quote. Our case mangers can assist you with this analysis with years of experience in pre-underwriting risk assessments.

For more complicated cases, it’s easy, our case design and illustration specialists will assist you in creating the perfect illustration that best fits your clients’ needs.

Whatever the circumstances of your case we have decades of experience in helping agents determine the appropriate solution for your planning situations. Please do not hesitate to call the life desk at 602-494-9500.